Recycling Center

Contact Information

Jen Hibbard, Recycling Coordinator

133 Ellsworth Drive,
Montrose, PA  18801

Telephone    (570) 278-3589
Fax    (570) 278-2749


Our public drop off for cans, bottles, paper and cardboard is available 24 hours/day. Please, separate your items into the labeled bins.
Scrap metal program Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm.




When bringing in items for our scrap metal, please stop in the main office empty handed first.  If we are already assisting someone, we will help you in the order in which you arrive in the office.  We will make sure that your item can be included in our program and determine the best place to unload it at that time.  Where you will be unloaded will depend on many factors including: size of item/load, staff available to assist, trucks loading or unloading, and time of day.  Please, do not bring your item into the office or place it on the ground outside.  We appreciate your patience!!!


About the Department


The Susquehannfacility[1]a County Recycling Center is located on Ellsworth Drive in South Montrose.  We are here to serve and assist you with your recycling and waste management needs.  Our mission at the recycling center is to maintain the delicate balance of our county’s economic and environmental concerns through a sound waste management program.  An effective and self-sustainable recycling program is an important component of the Susquehanna County Municipal Waste Management Plan.

Our goal is to minimize the municipal waste stream by extracting recyclable materials from it.  This allows us to help preserve valuable space in the landfills.  We then set out to maximize the social, economic, and environmental benefits from these reclaimed recyclables through processing and marketing them.

Since Susquehanna County is rural, with a population of only 42,000 people, it is not feasible to collect, process and sell all the products that are deemed recyclable at this recycling center.  Therefore, we have chosen the ones that we can recycle in a way that will maximize the amount of recyclable materials accepted at the center, maximize revenue and minimize expenses for the County Recycling Center.

We are accepting as many recyclable categories as currently feasible, given the geographical location and physical parameters of our recycling center.  However, we will continue to pursue new and progressive programs that will promote sustainable social, economic and environmental growth.

We sincerely thank you for your cooperation and vested interest in the recycling effort.



We encourage scheduled tours of our facility for Schools, Community groups, and Youth groups.  We also offer educational presentations, either here or in your classroom.


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