Recycling Guidelines

To ensure that your material gets recycled, please, rinse your recyclables!

Confused?  Please, stop by or contact us with your questions

For a printable version of our guidelines, please click on: Recycling Center Handout



  • Corrugated Cardboard.
  • Please, break down your boxes.
  • No wax covered material.

Mixed Paper   

  • Office paper, magazines, soft covered books, chipboard (cereal boxes, soda boxes, etc.)
  • No wax covered material (i.e. No juice or ice cream cartons.)
  • No Styrofoam or plastic.
  • If you bring your paper in a plastic bag, please, dump out the paper and take the bag with you.  Plastic bags can be recycled at many local retail stores.

Glass Bottles and Jars

  • Sorted by color: Brown, Clear, and Green (when in doubt – go with green!)
  • It Must be a Bottle or a Jar that once contained food or beverage.  All other glass is considered a contaminant.
  • No windows, vases, drinking glasses, candles, light bulbs, plates, etc.

Tin Cans   

  • Soup/Vegetable cans.
  • No need to remove the labels.

Aluminum Cans

  • Beverage and cat food cans.

Plastic Bottles and Jars

  • We accept plastic only in the form of a bottle or jar.
  • Plastic #1 bottles include soda and water bottles.
  • Plastic #2 bottles include laundry detergent bottles and milk bottles.
  • No food tubs such as butter, cottage cheese, yogurt or sour cream containers.
  • No clear plastic containers such as berry containers or deli containers.
  • No TV dinner trays.
  • We cannot accept #2 bottles that contained motor oil or antifreeze.

Scrap Metal

You may have noticed that the area where the scrap metal bin is

located has been gated off. Our Scrap Metal program is still one of our more popular programs. We’re just collecting the material in a slightly different way. We ask that you stop in the office (located next to our drop-off) and let us know you have metal. Depending on a variety of factors, we’ll direct you to where to unload and assist as needed. Our guidelines for recycling scrap metal have not changed…

Scrap Metal Items accepted Monday through Friday 8am-4pm
Items must be primarily metal
All fluids (gas, oil, etc.) must be removed from items
No propane tanks
There is a fee for items containing Freon such as:

  • Refrigerators/Freezers—$25
  • Air Conditioners/Dehumidifiers—$15

Just stop by the office and let us know you have metal. We’ll be happy to take it as we have in the past!