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Recorder of Deeds
Register of Wills
Clerk of the Orphans’ Court

PO Box 218
105 Maple Street
Montrose, PA  18801
(570) 278-4600 ext 4065-4067
Fax (570) 278-2963

Our office hours are 8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday
MARRIAGE LICENSES are only available until 4:00

About the Department

The RECORDER OF DEEDS office is responsible for the recording of deeds, mortgages, power of attorneys, clean and green filings, landowner consents, highway permits, easements, military discharges, agricultural security areas, mortgage satisfactions, mortgage releases, mortgage modifications, mortgage subordinations, leases, land contracts, notary bonds and oaths, survey and subdivision maps, UCC filings and Act 287 (underground utility) filings. We also handle the collection of realty transfer tax for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the local school districts and municipalities. In 2005 we collected $2,386,384.06 in transfer tax and recorded over 11,537 documents. In 2013 we collected $2,183,271.23 in transfer tax and recorded 14,887 documents.

The REGISTER OF WILLS office handles the probate of estates and the collection of inheritance tax for the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. We also handle the filing of the inheritance tax returns. In 2005 we collected $1,764,656.05 in inheritance tax and probated 258 estates. In 2013 we collected $3,290,597.83 in inheritance tax and probated 273 estates.

The CLERK OF THE ORPHANS’ COURT is responsible for the filings of adoptions, the issuing of marriage licenses and the appointment of a guardian for a minor or incapacitates person. In 2005 we issued 282 marriage licenses. In 2013 we issued 230 marriage licenses.

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