Treasurer’s Office

Treasurer Jason D. Miller Welcomes You!

The Susquehanna County Treasurer’s Office offers County & State services including Susquehanna County Dog Licenses, PA. State Hunting Licenses, PA. State Fishing Licenses, Bingo & Small Games Permits.



Contact Information

Office hours: 8:30am to 4:30pm Mon through Fri.

Jason Miller 570-278-4600 X6695
Ruth 570-278-4600 X4082
Sandy   570-278-4600 X 4083

Fax: 570-278-3372


Susquehanna County Treasurer
PO Box 218, 69 Lake Ave.,
Montrose, Pa. 18801-0218


You may continue to use applications to mail for tag. Click link here for more information.

On line Service: Pa Dog Go to Left Hand Box near bottom of page. There is a $2.00 convenience fee for each transaction.

View Lost Dogs


Click here for more information.


Permit Applications

New Amendments to controlling laws: Criminal Background check no longer required.

SMALL GAMES OF CHANCE APPLICATION (Rev 1752.pdf) now $125. Monthly License is $25.00 per month
Special Permit Application -$25

If your organization has a liquor license you must adhere to record keeping requirements of BLCE.
PLCB & Other Rules

Chapter 901 Local Option Small games of Chance PA Code#61 See All of Chapter 901 through 901.810

IRS Publication 3079

Susquehanna County Room Rental Tax

Susquehanna County has a 3% Room Rental Tax that must be collected by establishment owners renting out rooms. Call for certificate and details.

Fill in form to print & mail: COUNTY ROOM TAX FILL IN FORM