Veterans Real Estate Tax Exemption

Regarding Disabled Veteran’s Real Estate Tax Exemption

Veterans with 100% service-connected disabilities.

Dear Veteran:

As I’m sure you are aware as a qualified disabled veteran you are entitled to an exemption from some or all real estate taxes on your primary residence.

In the past it was tax assessment’s policy that qualified veterans received an exemption for the house and one acre. A recent Court case directed that the Department of Veteran’s Affairs shall determine a veteran’s need as to whether all or some of the real estate is exempt.

Before the Department of Veterans Affairs developed a policy regarding their responsibilities, tax assessment granted an exemption to all real estate associated with a qualified veteran’s primary residence. The Department has now determined that all qualified veterans are entitled to an exemption for their primary residence and five acres unless the Department determines the veteran’s needs to be greater.

With that in mind, tax assessment is now granting a blanket exemption to all qualified veterans of five acres and the house. Any additional land owned by you will be added back to the tax rolls.

Truly Yours,

Thomas Button
Director of Assessment