Election Equipment

In 2005, the Susquehanna County Commissioners selected ES&S as the vendor for new voting equipment. The County has a long lasting relationship with ES&S – the current vote counting machine is an ES&S model 550 which has been used to count all votes in Susquehanna County for many years. The new equipment was installed in 2006 and used in the County since the 2006 Primary.


The new equipment includes the model 650 Central vote counting machine, which is certified by the Federal Government and is certified by Pennsylvania as HAVA compliant. This is a high speed paper ballot vote counting machine. It will be used to count all votes cast in Susquehanna County. The machine will be operated in the main Courtroom at the Susquehanna County Courthouse, Just as the County has for many years. Even votes cast by a handicapped person using the AutoMark machine (see below) will be counted by this machine.

Learn more about the ES&S model 650


┬áHandicap voters will also have new equipment. They will now have the opportunity to vote at their regular voting place, using the ES&S AutoMark machine. The AutoMark voting machine is designed to accommodate Hearing Impaired, Sight Impaired, and those confined to a wheelchair, allowing their vote to be case in complete privacy, without the need for assistance. Certainly, assistance is always available for those who need it. This machine can even allow a quadriplegic person to vote by the use of a “suck/puff tube”! Once the handicap person has voted, the AutoMark machine will mark a standard paper ballot with the voter’s choices, as any regular voter would. The Handicapped voter will then process the paper ballot as any other voter would, placing the ballot in a privacy sleeve and then into the ballot box. Again, assistance is still and will always be available for those who need it.

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