Staff Information

Robert Klein, District Attorney of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania

District Attorney Robert Klein is newly elected and began his term on January 4, 2016.


William Urbanski, First Assistant District Attorney

William Urbanski was hired in February of 2016 as First Assistant District Attorney.

Debra Strong, County Detective

Debra Strong was hired in December of 1978 and is the Chief Detective for Susquehanna County with law enforcement jurisdiction for the entire county.


Justin Sprout, County Detective

Justin was hired in May of 2014 as a Detective with the Susquehanna County District Attorney’s Office.  Prior to being hired in the District Attorney’s Office he has been a deputy in the Sheriff’s Office.  He has been a police officer for many years and has served with multiple police departments throughout the county and the Susquehanna County Task Force. He has received the necessary training to become the Susquehanna County K9 Officer and is currently serving with his K9 partner Echo.

Kathy Ragard, Office Manager/Administrative Assistant

Kathy Ragard was hired in November of 1996 and currently serves as the office manager/administrative assistant. She is a graduate of Blue Ridge High School, and currently resides in Great Bend Borough with her husband Bob. Kathy and Bob have 4 children, and one grandchild. Kathy is responsible for all scheduling activities in the office, reviewing budgetary information, coordinating with all the various agencies throughout the county and the Commonwealth and managing the daily activities of the Office.


Lorraine Depew, Administrative Assistant/Grant Coordinator

Lorraine Depew was hired in August of 2001 and currently serves as the administrative assistant/grant coordinator for the office. She is a graduate of Mountain View High School, and currently resides in Lenox Township. Lorraine is responsible for many duties in the Office, including preparing criminal informations, sentencing reports, discovery packets, and working on grant applications. Currently, Lorraine is also currently assisting in the maintenance of this webpage.


Maggie McNamara, Victim Witness Coordinator

Maggie McNamara was hired in June of 2016as the Susquehanna County Victim Witness Coordinator.