Great Bend and Hallstead

On the banks of the Susquehanna: Great Bend and Hallstead

Great Bend and Hallstead boroughs are located off I-81, Exit 230, and are the first to greet south bound travelers into Pennsylvania. “Great Bend” refers to the 13+ mile loop the Susquehanna river makes in its journey south from Cooperstown. To the west of Great Bend, the river turns north again into New York State. Canoeist and fishermen enjoy this stretch of the river and its amenities for travelers. A new PA Fish and Boat Access is open to the public.

Main Street (Rt 11)

Station Square, Hallstead. With plenty of parking, this commercial property is suitable for offices and light manufacturing.

Two shopping plazas that include banks, grocery stores, a car wash, restaurants and a motel, serve travelers and residents.

VFW, Great Bend

United Methodist Church, Great Bend