Office Statistics

   In 2015 the Susquehanna County Coroner’s Office conducted 150 death investigations. Of the 150 cases, there was 114 natural deaths, 25 accidental deaths, 8 suicides, 3 homicides.

   Often the deceased person is young and there is not sufficient medical history. The manner of death could be in question. (Natural?, Homicide?, Suicide?, Accidental?) e.g. Did the deceased go into cardiac arrest before an auto accident? Many times to complete an investigation of suspected Homicide, Suicide, or Undetermined death an autopsy helps to draw credible conclusions. 26 forensic autopsies were performed in 2015 at a cost of $64,714.00. Tony himself attends all autopsies along with deputies that may have been involved with the case investigation.

   The Coroner authorizes over 193 cremations each year which brings in $4,825 in revenue. He also receives several report requests from insurance companies and attorneys which creates additional revenue. Approximately two to three times a year the Coroner is subpoenaed for court.

   Including the cremation authorizations, the Coroner’s Office handled 244 calls in 2015. 27% of these calls are handled on nights and weekends.   The Coroner must be available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.