Available Grants

EDA is now accepting applications for the new $200 million Recompete Pilot Program, which is designed to make focused investments in communities most in need of economic resources and options to ensure that all communities have a path to economic prosperity.
The program is based on the belief that communities know best what they need to address persistent economic distress. EDA will partner with communities and make large, flexible investments based on their priorities.
This program, authorized through the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, targets areas where prime-age (25-54 years) employment significantly trails the national average, with the goal to close this gap through bottom-up, long-term strategies that tackle a community’s unique economic challenges.
Click Here For More Information and an Eligibility Map

The Susquehanna County Promotion & Tourism Agency offers 30% of Susquehanna County’s room tax money to go towards grants to help organizations promote and develop tourism in Susquehanna County. The Agency will review these applications as part of a pr application process to ensure applicants meet the requirements. Qualifying applications will then be  forwarded to the Agency’s Grant Board and the Susquehanna County Commissioners for review. 

Additional information and grant application can be downloaded here. Application deadline is November 15th, 2023.
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Susquehanna County Marcellus Legacy Fund

Through the Susquehanna County Marcellus Legacy Fund, the Commissioners have dedicated funding to implement a Mini-Grant Program. This program will provide grants allocations to nonprofit organizations only (municipalities and for-profit businesses are not eligible) with projects that support and advance the goals and objectives of the Marcellus Legacy Fund. The use of these funds include acquisition, development and repair of greenways, recreation trails, open space, natural areas, community conservation and beautification projects, community and heritage parks and water resource management. 

Additional information and grant application can be downloaded here. Application deadline is September 15th, 2023.

Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

This program provides assistance to households that have experienced financial hardship and may be at risk for homelessness due to or during the pandemic. ERAP provides tenant households assistance with rental and utility costs to include arrearages and other related housing expenses. Visit for more information. 

Pennsylvania Homeowner Assistance Fund (PAHAF)

This program provides financial assistance to Pennsylvania homeowners who are facing financial hardship due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It provides financial assistance to homeowners for qualified mortgage and housing-related expenses to address delinquency and avoid default, foreclosure or displacement. Visit for more information. 

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

This program is administered by PA Department of Human Services and can provide payment directly to the utility company to help with heating bills or to help maintain or restore service. The program opened November 1, 2022. To apply, call 1-866-857-7095 or visit

The Dollar Energy Fund (DEF)

This is an emergency hardship fund designed to help customers who have suffered a recent financial hardship. It can provide payment directly to the utility company to help maintain or restore service. The fund began accepting applications on October 1, 2022. To apply, visit or call 1-800-683-7036.