Corrections Officer/Cook

Job Title:
Corrections Officer/Cook
County Name:
Susquehanna County
TITLE:                      Correctional Officer/Cook
DEPARTMENT:        Jail
LOCATION:            Correctional Facility
REPORTS TO:          Warden/Deputy Warden
RATE:                      $16.43 per hour

This is food service work as a lead worker in the performance of specialized cooking tasks in an Institutional food service operation. An Employee in this class is responsible for large-scale food production and cooking tasks in the conversion of raw ingredients into finished menu items, such as meats, vegetables, casseroles, soups and sauces.  Employees assign and inspect the work of Food Service Workers and Trustees.  Work includes the coordination of tasks performed by lower-level Cooks in preparing a variety of menu items to be completed simultaneously on a set time schedule.  The Employee establishes techniques and procedures for cooking and develops and revises recipes for quality and quantity of food.  Employees are responsible for requisitioning cooking ingredients and supplies and maintaining and updating recipe files.  Work is performed with a high degree of independence and reviewed upon completion for attainment or pre-established quality and quantity requirements.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Must complete Serve-Safe class and receive certificate.
  • Education equivalent to the completion of twelfth (12) Grade.
  • Two (2) years of experience in cooking a volume basis. Or, any acceptable equivalent combination of acceptable education and experience.
  • Must attend the Department of Corrections Basic Training Academy within one (1) year of full-time employment.

Knowledge, Skill and Abilities:
  • Knowledge of the modern methods, materials, practices and procedures used in large-scale cooking.
  • Knowledge of food production safety and sanitation standards.
  • Knowledge of the proper care and use of modern kitchen utensils and equipment.
  • Knowledge of the types and qualities of a wide variety of cooking ingredients.
  • Knowledge of the Methods and Procedures used in requisitioning supplies.
  • Ability to assign, coordinate and inspect a variety of specialized and routine production and cooking tasks on a quantity basis.
  • Ability to instruct Cooks, Food Service Workers, and/or Trustees in performing specialized and routine production and cooking tasks.
  • Ability to estimate accurately the quantity of food needed form census statistics.
  • Ability to operate modern kitchen equipment in preparing a variety of menu items.
  • Ability to prepare ingredients and cook food items on a quantity basis.
  • Ability to prepare and maintain recipe and attendance records and requisition supplies as needed.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Functions as a lead worker by assigning, coordinating, participating in and reviewing specialized and routine tasks performed by Cooks and Trustees.
  • Establishes techniques and procedures for cooking, develops and adjusts recipes to attain higher standards of quality and ensures accurate quantity measures.
  • Instructs subordinate Cooks, Food Service Workers and Trustees in the performance of specialized and routine production tasks and in the care and use of kitchen utensils and equipment.  
  • Estimates food production needs and requisitions ingredients and supplies.
  • Ensures the kitchen equipment is properly maintained and prepares work orders for maintenance and repairs.
  • Maintains recipe files.
  • Participates in the production and cooking of a variety of meats, vegetables, casseroles, soups and sauces in large-scale food production.
  • Reviews census and menu data; adjust recipes accordingly; and recycles leftover food into usable products to reduce waste.
  • Prepares special menu items for special meals, meetings, etc.
  • Prepares ingredients and cooks menu items for special and modified diets.
  • Operates kitchen equipment such as ovens, broilers, fryers and mixers in production and cooking.
  • Performs related work as required.
Posting Date:
Thursday, April 20, 2023
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